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Send a survey for free in just minutes
Get Started Free
Send a survey for free in just minutes
Guarantee Exclusivity
Restrict your survey to be taken by a limited audience. Create private URLs or require respondents to login so you can verify who is taking your survey and view his or her specific responses.
Survey-wide Customization
Brand your survey with your own flavor. Customize the public URL that your audience will access and add your own image to the survey header to create a distinct look and feel.
Analyzing your results has never been easier. Using our advanced results system, you can observe your data in either aggregate or individualized form, and new results appear in real-time.
Drag and Drop Interface
Drag and drop questions types from the library into any part of your survey. You can also use drag and drop to rearrange whole questions in the survey as well as change the order of answer choices within a question.
You don’t always have to start a survey from scratch. You can save time by using our survey templates. Each template is carefully crafted with questions that cater to a variety of use cases and will ensure high-quality, unbiased results.
Question Library
Create the perfect survey with our wide selection of question types. Use anything from simple multiple choice questions to more advanced slider and star questions to obtain quantitative data through our engaging interface.